One-To-One Programs

One-to-one programs are life-changing programs to achieve your specific well-being goals using the motivational interviewing method. 

The sessions will take place remotely.

Health is a vehicle, not a destination, and is about more than just feeling good. Health allows us to be active in the world and achieve more than we can when tired, sick, or in a kind of dormant stage.

I develop One-to-One life-changing programs according to your specific health goals. During these programs, I help you navigate the obstacles along the way and keep the accountability necessary to stay on track.

I care about your success, not just the day, week, or month after the sessions, but years to come. 

The purpose of these programs is to elevate YOU and YOUR life!

An integrated perspective is at the heart of my approach to health and well-being. I consider various factors, including your preferences, lifestyle, and ancestral origins. My philosophy revolves around embracing positive lifestyle changes, prioritizing variety, balance, and moderation over strict restrictions. I believe that you can achieve lasting health and well-being by fostering a well-rounded and sustainable approach.

I put you on the driver´s seat, using the motivational interviewing method.

To accomplish this, we collaborate on enhancing the different facets of your life, recognizing their interconnectedness and mutual influence. My integrated approach ensures the success of your transformation by addressing all the key pillars of well-being in harmony.

The sessions will take place remotely

 (zoom or another online platform, according to your country). 

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Make your health and well-being a real priority in your life and achieve your WELL-BEING GOALS! It´s your life, not a rehearsal.