One-To-One Programs

One-to-one programs are life-changing programs to achieve your specific health goals using the motivational interviewing method. 

The sessions will take place remotely.

Health is a vehicle, not a destination, and is about more than just feeling good. Health allows us to be active in the world and achieve more than we can when tired, sick, or in a kind of dormant stage.

We develop One-to-One life-changing programs according to your specific health goals. During these programs, we help you navigate the obstacles along the way and keep the accountability necessary to stay on track.

We care about your success, not just the day, week, or month after the sessions, but years to come. 

The purpose of these programs is to elevate YOU and YOUR potential!

The health and well-being subjects are approached in an integrated manner, considering factors such as your preferences, current lifestyle, and ancestral origins. That´s why we invite you to explore how your nutrition and fitness patterns relate to other areas of wellness.

We use an approach where lifestyle changes can be about variety, balance, and moderation instead of restriction, avoidance, and desperation. We put you on the driver´s seat, using the motivational interviewing method.

Together, we work in 6 major areas: food, physical exercise, social life, professional life, spiritual life, and relationships. These areas don’t work in an isolated way and are always interconnected.

The sessions will take place remotely

 (zoom or another online platform, according to your country). 

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Make your health and well-being a real priority in your life and achieve your HEALTH GOALS! It´s your life, not a rehearsal.